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Inside this blog post we are going to go over basics

  1. Plugin description
  2. Plugin problem solving and it's features
  3. Plugin support and development
  4. Plugin installation and dependencies

Plugin description

Blogtoolbox is set of extensions and improvements on RainLab.Blog plugin. As such, it obviously depends on that plugin to start with. While RainLab.Blog plugin is great in a nutshell and great base to build onto, it is lacking some of the critical features that are probably needed on daily basis for both developers and end-users of OctoberCMS. If you are creating website for blogging or for structured and configurable data of any kind, you would probably want to use this plugin as it would reduce development time and complexity greatly.

This set of tools will give you options to manipulate data easier, improve overall visibility in search engines, track some statistics and interact with your visitors.

Plugin problem solving and it's features

Idea Verum have created a great deal of websites on OctoberCMS and in 90% of our cases we have used RainLab.Blog plugin for something. It wasn’t not just for blogging as many would think because it can be used in more situations besides creating blog websites. Some things we’ve noticed inside our team was that the base plugin is lacking some very important features such as SEO, content visibility and organization, content interconnectivity, lack of ability to structure and enrich posts with custom set of data, interacting with visitors and such. At first, we were adjusting it for every project individually when something more complex was required. After a while, we’ve realized that it would be much more time and cost effective to create an additional set of tools which would enhance the plugin we've been already using and will continue to use.

In particular, we added much needed SEO options for blog posts which OctoberCMS was lacking by default. This is a big problem which we've addressed and resolved. Now you can set all relevant SEO tags and OG tags in a very easy way which will work with standard page SEO attributes and because of that, your blog can compete on search engines much more effectively.

Another thing we were worried about was when users come to our website they often wander and don't know where to find what they are searching for, so we decided that our website should have some kind of search options. We added a search feature so users can easily search every created post by post title or content depending on configured settings. You will learn more about configuration options later in the Components section.

Developers will probably love this feature more than any other in this toolbox, and it's custom post types. Yes, now you have the ability to add [key => value] data to every post which can be very useful in numerous situations as you can imagine.

As for the end-users, which we haven't forgotten about, while building this rich set of tools we added a simple, yet powerful feature: tracking post visits. You can track not just visits but also revisits and, combined with other tracking tools like google analytics, you can draw good conclusions and create more appealing content for your visitors.

Do you need newsletter? With this plugin you can easily set up newsletter and start sharing content with your users. If you don't have email templates ready, don't worry we created four templates for you which come inside the plugin, they can be easily modified if you wish to change email design.

These are just some of the tools and features we brought to you. If you are interested in learning more, just keep reading on, where we dig deeper and explain every feature in great detail, what they do, how to use them and some ideas in which scenarios are they most effective.

Plugin support and development

If you decide that this plugin is a great fit for you and you end up buying it, our team is here for you. We are not a type of company which creates plugins and sells it – then forget about it. We care about our customers and we are working hard on mutual respect and satisfaction, which we honor by providing our full support with plugin integration and problem solving. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us without hesitation and we will gladly help you. If you need advice in order to maximize its potential, we will gladly assist you and have a chat about your problem that needs to be solved in the most effective way as it can.

For all questions and issues you might experience with plugin please contact us at or DM us on twitter page. We will provide you email support , and if necessary real-time support using skype or discord.

This is the first version but not the last. We plan to keep building more features and extend it more over time. Your comments and reviews will greatly influence this part because we want to hear your opinions like what could be improved and what the plugin is missing. Believe us when we say, your opinion matters and will be taken seriously. To keep track of our updates and roadmap, follow us on Twitter or read our blog to learn more.

Another crucial part of support and development will be a youtube series which will be available at later stage, where you will have a plugin showcase and tutorials on how to properly use it and maybe get an idea to solve your problems.

Plugin installation and dependencies

Before you are ready to install this plugin, make sure your project folders and files have proper permission to ensure successful installation. When it's installed, it will change some things in your project, mainly in your database. You'll get four new tables and several updates on existing tables such as rainlab_blog_posts, backend_users and rainlab_blog_categories.

As said in the beginning, this plugin is an extension of the RainLab.Blog plugin and depends on it, which means that in order for this plugin to work, you must have a RainLab.Blog plugin preinstalled. Other dependencies are open source javascript libraries which are apexchart.js and vue.js.


You want to learn more? You can find our tutorials on Blog toolbox tutorials page.

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